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Our purpose is to ensure low income pet parents and their companion or service animals remain together when issues arise.  The goal in doing so is to prevent at-risk animals from being surrendered or falling victim to euthanasia for treatable conditions and behaviors.

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We're always in need of dedicated volunteers to assist us in carrying out our mission.  If you'd like to help us keep more pets and their people together, please apply today
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These are just a few of the animals helped by Harley's Hope Foundation
via assistance with major veterinary care, behavioral training, or emergency foster care.
Autumn Hazards
Autumn is here - my favorite time of the year.  Crisp air, fall foliage, sweaters, and working in the kitchen without needing air conditioning.  But, did you know that fall has specific dangers to your pets?  Most pet parents are familiar with summer hazards - hot cars, overheating, hot pavement burns on paws, or winter hazards - frostbite, holiday decorations and plants that can be dangerous.   Here are the main hazards to watch for this autumn:

Decreased Daylight - reduced light makes it challenging for drivers to see animals or people who may be out walking before or after work.  Be sure one of you is wearing something with reflective tape.

Autumn Leaves - if you use leaf blowers, the loud noise may drive your pets off your property.  And, gas powered blowers can leak fuel or oil that can be toxic if ingested by your pet.  In addition, leaf piles that sit on your lawn can accumulate moisture, causing bacteria and mold that can make your pets sick if ingested.

Plants and Mushrooms - Certain fall-specific flowers like the Chrysanthemum can be toxic if ingested - this includes the flower, stems and leaves.  Symptoms include stumbling, skin inflammation, increased salivation, vomiting and diarrhea.  Mushrooms that appear in your yard can be toxic, so err on the side of caution and keep your pets away or remove mushrooms as soon as you see them.

Rodenticides - If you use poison to kill rodents, please know that they can also kill your pet.  Many contain an ingredient that interrupts the body’s ability to clot blood, causing internal bleeding.

We don’t share this information to ruin the season, but rather to inform so you can take precautions and enjoy fall with your favorite pets!
Muffin is a 6 year old, female Yorkie mix who developed a large bladder stone that couldn't be dissolved. Surgery was the only option, but the cost was more than Muffin's mom, Celeste, could handle all at once. Celeste and Muffin received help from both Harley's Hope Foundation and our friends at Gingers Legacy Little Muffin underwent surgery at Bijou Animal Hospital late last week and is doing quite well. Here's to a full recovery and no more stones in the future!
Miss T. is a very sweet, 14 year old Chihuahua who just entered emergency foster care. The tiny pup, who is only 4 lbs. and change, is staying with HHF foster mom/angel, Natalie, while her own mom and human sister are staying in a safe house. We know Miss T. will get the royal treatment and enjoy bunking with Natalie's herd of small dogs! Miss T's mom is already hard at work to try and find a home, so she can reunite all her girls under one roof.

Please consider becoming an emergency foster, Miss T. was able to stay out of a shelter thanks to our foster angel Natalie. Chances of an old black Chihuahua getting adopted out of a shelter are very slim. Save a life and be an emergency foster home!
This handsome boy is Rocco, a 4 year old Doberman mix who lives in Southern Colorado with his person, Tom. In his exuberance to race up the back stairs to get to the house, Rocco miscalculated and went full speed into a step, breaking his foreleg in the process. Tom is employed, but doesn't make much and after putting what he could towards emergency care, he needed help with surgery. HHF was one of two Colorado-based charities to help with Rocco's emergency treatment. Here's to a full recovery and taking those stairs a bit more carefully!
Blue, a mini lop bunny developed sarcoma, a type of cancer, in her ear. Due to the sarcoma she had to have her ear amputated. Blue’s owner, Katye, sent us this message.  “Blue's surgery went well. She did very good. She will be in pain for a while but she is on pain medication to help. Thank you so much for your grant, that helped out a lot.”  We are happy Blue is doing well and is on the road to recovery, still as adorable as before. Dedicated owners like Katye is what keeps our hope for humanity in existence and generous donors like you is what keeps pets and their people together regardless of financial ability in emergency situations.
Indy Give! Campaign is Live!
Please consider a gift through the Indy Give! Campaign, running from
11/1 thru 11:59 p.m. on 12/31. 

Minimum donations just $10 or less than what you'd spend on a trip to Starbucks!  Please help us save lives and keep more pets and their people together. 

Donate today at
Tea & Biscuits
Saturday, December 9th
1:30 to 4 p.m.
Black Forest Community Center
12530 Black Forest Rd., Black Forest, CO. 

Enjoy a holiday-themed tea party with live holiday music, a silent auction, and a visit from Santa.  Tickets on sale now at  Adults $18, $12 for children under 14.