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Harley’s Hope Foundation March 2017 Newsletter
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Most everyone knows that St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17th, but did you know that March 1st was National Pig Day, celebrating the intelligence of all pigs? Or, that March 3rd was If Pets Had Thumbs Day (I don’t even want to think about what my cats could do if they had thumbs!)?  And, that March 23rd was National Puppy Day, celebrating the adorableness of puppies, but also encouraging the adoption of orphaned pups?

Of course for pet lovers, every day is a cause for celebration when surrounded by our beloved fur babies.  Harley’s Hope Foundation exists to recognize and preserve the special bond between human and animal and, while we deal daily with situations that are heartbreakingly sad, we always celebrate the success stories made possible by our supporters.
Director's Notes
Wishing you and yours a very Happy Spring.  Be sure to check out the ASPCA Springtime Safety Tips in order to keep your pets healthy as we change seasons -

Thanks for Coming!
Thank you for keeping
pets and their people together.
Thank you to everyone who joined us for Painting with a Purpose on February 25th. Painting with a Twist on Garden of the Gods Rd. hosted us and I can state with certainty that everyone who attended had a lot of fun and left with their artistic masterpieces!

We raised some money for HHF, which is always appreciated, and got to introduce our programs to new friends. We hope to see more people joining us for future fund raising events!
Our cases tend to come in groups.  Some years we see lots of bladder stone applications.  Other years it’s eye injuries.  But so far in 2017, it’s been urinary and bowel blockages. We no sooner took a case with Ash, a gorgeous shepherd mix who ate a sock, than we received an application to help Princess Bella, who thought it was a good idea to swallow a piece of rubber tubing.  And, Dino and Harley are both male cats that suffered numerous urinary blockages making surgery a life-saving necessity.

All of these animals underwent emergency surgeries and survived, and while urinary blockages are not always preventable or predictable, bowel obstructions can be avoided.  Those cases highlight the need for ensuring that homes and yards have been pet proofed whenever possible, in order to prevent animals from ingesting items other than food.

Granted, Ash was new to his home and his family had no way of knowing that he enjoys eating clothing, and not all cats are so curious that they’d ingest a piece of rubber like Bella, but the possibility is always there.  Life-saving surgery can run from hundreds of dollars in performed in a day clinic to thousands of dollars if done as emergency surgery.  Why take the chance?

In our “Create a Pet Plan for Life” video, available at, we suggest that pet parents periodically get down on their pet’s level to check for possible hazards including dropped pills, sewing needles, floss and thread, and errant articles of clothing or other small objects that can be swallowed and then get caught in the intestines.  Don’t forget about yard hazards such as broken fence slats, holes in the ground that can cause falls and tears and breaks to small legs.  And, don’t forget about possible toxins like fertilizers and antifreeze that can kill pets if ingested.
Happy Tails
We hope you have liked our Facebook page so you can read all about the cases your support makes possible.  In case you haven’t, we’d like to share a couple cases that really grabbed our heartstrings.
"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character."
- Arthur Schopenhauer
As always, we wish to show our appreciation to the individuals, companies and foundations that support our focus on Helping Pets and Their People Stay Together!

Warm Thanks to our Supporters!
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