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Harley’s Hope Foundation Spring 2016 Newsletter
Harley's Hope has helped over 40 animals in 13 states just so far this year.  In this issue, we focus on Mowgli, who lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, and Paris, who resides in Baltimore, Maryland.. 

Mowgli, a 6 year old Bulldog/Boxer mix from Colorado, and Paris, a Sharpei who lives on the East Coast, have something in common with each other and numerous animals around the country.  They both underwent surgery earlier this year to repair torn CCLs - cranial cruciate ligaments. Mowgli's mom, Susan, and Paris' mom, Kristin, both work, but neither could afford the operations.  Both women pursued fundraising efforts and applied to multiple foundations including HHF. As usual, safety net agencies receive more applications than donations, so it took awhile for each of them to come up with enough funding for the surgeries.

So, what is so special about a torn CCL?  Nothing really, but that's the point.  It is one of the most common orthopedic injuries in dogs, and one of the most frequent applications for help that Harley's Hope receives.  Treatment can cost upwards of $3,000 if working with a veterinary orthopedic specialist, which we strongly recommend.  If you have pet insurance, you're probably in good shape, but if you don't, you may find yourself in the same position as Susan and Kristin, applying to every safety net foundation out there and struggling to ease your dog's pain until you can fund the operation.

What can you do to prevent a torn CCL?  Not much. Dogs are active by nature and if they run and jump, they're at risk for this injury.  Some breeds are more susceptible to torn CCL's than others, including Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, Newfoundlands, rottweilers, and golden retrievers.  Age and obesity can also contribute to your dog’s risk. 

Common symptoms range from minor lameness in a hind leg to the dog's inability to bear weight on the injured leg.  Swelling on the inside of the "knee" may also be present.  Studies show that about 50% of dogs who tear the CCL in one leg will develop the same condition in the other hind leg.  What will you do if this happens to your pet?
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Happy Tales
We hope you have liked our Facebook page so you can read all about the cases your support makes possible.  In case you haven’t, we’d like to share a couple cases that really grabbed our heartstrings.
Mowgli and Paris
Director's Notes
We've been asked by a number of people why we opted to create Colorado Kitty Pot as our social enterprise and what it has to do with a safety net organization.  The answer is two-fold.  First, my husband David and I have been growing catnip on our Black Forest property for a number of years.  It seemed logical to use what we already had available to raise funds in support of our programs. The second reason is catnip ties into our efforts to help keep pets and their people together.  This innocuous member of the mint family has numerous uses that can help feline pet parents cope with cat-specific challenges.

For instance, did you know that catnip has numerous health benefits?  When inhaled, catnip stimulates kitties to get up and move - a good thing for overweight cats who are at higher risk for a number of health conditions due to their extra weight.  But, when ingested, catnip has the opposite effect and acts as a sedative, which can help calm anxious or stressed out cats.  Catnip can also be administered as a "tea bath" to help cats who are always scratching and suffering from itchy skin.  And, lastly, catnip has been shown to be an effective training tool to address negative behaviors that cost numerous kitties their homes and lives each year.
In fact, we are so impressed with catnip, Harley's Hope Foundation has begun offering a limited, free supply to approved clients with cats in need of veterinary care or behavioral training.  This is, of course, in addition to helping the client with the cost of professional treatment and not in lieu of actual veterinary care or training assistance.

Colorado Kitty Pot is now available in retail locations in 31 states as well as online at  Next time you go shopping for catnip for your feline friends, please consider purchasing organic Colorado Kitty Pot and helping us help pets in need.
"He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with man. We can judge the heart of a man by his dealings with animals."                        
- Immanuel Kant
CO Kitty Pot

Buy 100% organic catnip and more for your feline friend and the proceeds benefit Harley's Hope Foundation!

To read about the animals we've helped, please visit our Facebook & Twitter pages.
The best thing a dog parent can do if pet insurance is not an option is to create a pet care fund, setting aside whatever you can each and every month.  Some folks refer to this as a rainy day fund.  Regardless of what you call it, if you lack savings, don't have credit, and don't have family or friends willing to lend a hand, being prepared in this way is a critical part of your responsibility to your furry family member.   Don't wait until you receive a major diagnosis to form a plan of action.  Start today.
Join us on Sunday, June 5th for our 5th Annual Because We Care Pet Fair.  Hosted by Harley's Hope Foundation in partnership with the Colorado Springs Area Veterinary Society (CSAVS), the fair will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Intermountain Coach, located at 3204 E. Platte Avenue.

A big thank you to this years sponsors:  CSAVS, the Burrowing Owl, Intermountain Coach, The Independent, and Friendly Paws Pet Grooming.

Our wellness clinic will be providing exams and vaccinations at reduced cost - $5 per animal with proof of financial need or $20 per animal without proof.  Microchipping is open to the public at only $15 per dog or $10 per cat.  A limited number of spay/neuter vouchers will be available for purchase to low-income pet parents only on a first-come, first serve basis.  And, our celebrity dog wash fundraiser, run by Friendly Paws Grooming, will help offset the cost of running the fair.  Don't need a dog wash? The groomers on hand will also be offering free nail trims.  We're planning to have groups with some adoptable animals on site as well.

As always, please bring only health and well-socialized animals.  Dogs must be on a leash and cats must be brought in a carrier.
Upcoming Events - Save the Date!
Come visit our booth at Territory Days in Old Colorado City May 28 thru the 30th.  We'll be there selling Dirty Dog and Frisky Feline salsas, Colorado Kitty Pot, car magnets, and special HHF tattoos!  Volunteers still needed.
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